Pakisuyo Travel & Tours

           Ang TRAVELMART ng Bayan  


 PAKISUYO CENTER is the official owner of the PAKISUYO and UTUSAN NG BAYAN trademark as approved by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) with Registration Nos. 04-2011-005451.

 The name PAKISUYO is a Filipino term which stands as a request for an errand or TO DO something on behalf of another person. This is basically 101% Filipino culture. A concept which had rooted from the "bayanihan" way of life - where teamwork or partnership is considered as better than "one".

 This term promotes a trusting environment where every member of the community looks out for one another. Pakisuyo promotes the culture of LOFOA which means "Looking Out For One Another".

 What  INSPIRED the proponents of PAKISUYO to start this unique type of business is the need to address the daily needs of each and every member of the "PAMAYANAN" where more quality time are being sacrificed just to fill up or accomplish petty errands not mentioning the continuous inflation that causes unending increase in prices including transportation and mobility.

 PAKISUYO CENTER started its business operations in May 2007. The business principles and structures provided the determining factors Mr. Rosalino O. Rofule and Mrs. Maria Fe C. Rofule to develop a win-win solution to address the difficulties of professionals, employees, small businesses and OFW's.

 PAKISUYO is focused on eliminating downtime and promotes personal and business productivity.

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