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The name PAKISUYO is a FILIPINO term which stands as a REQUEST for an

ERRAND or to do  something on your behalf.  This is basically FILIPINO or 105% FILIPINO CULTURE.  A concept which had rooted from the “Bayanihan” way of life, where teamwork or partnership is better than “one” .  What inspired the proprietors of PAKISUYO to push through with this unique type of business is the need to address the daily needs of each and every member of the “PAMAYANAN”  where more quality time are being sacrificed just to fill-up or accomplish petty errands.  To their analysis, there must be an answer to these recurring concerns, and for this reason – PAKISUYO CENTER was realized!   

        PAKISUYO DELIVERY CENTER  (PDC) is an all Filipino company.  Registered with the Department of Trade and Industry on  March 26, 2007 , and started with  Business Plate 4827, Business ID Nos. 04-2007-00811 . 

PAKISUYO’s  President  is ROSALINO O. ROFULE, an entrepreneur by age 16  whose  primary thrust is to deliver an honest and sincere customer service.   Being in the film industry  for almost 19 years  he was exposed into all sorts of customer orientation, thus, this  brought him to his business philosophy of “walking the talk “ by being true to all commitments no matter what. 

The  business proponent , wife of Mr. Rofule is MARIA FE CANTILLO - ROFULE ,  a  Human Resource  Manager for   17 years whose expertise is  developing an Employee  Contact  Management and well established Employee Engagement  with the build up and maintenance of  employees quality work life ..this makes her  major consideration as  HR  Practitioner.   
PAKISUYO is a  byword for errand services.  It promotes  “BAYANIHAN SA PAMAYANAN”.  It advocates  TOTAL   PRODUCTIVITY among customers by helping them upgrade their downtime, thus, produces a more quality output rather than performing errands that consumes most of their time such as traveling, waiting for long lines to end, transact from one window to another, etc. Simultaneous, after the opening of the  1st PAKISUYO CENTER BRANCH,     the Head Office of PAKISUYO was also unveiled with MS. DAISY CRUZADA-DIMAPILIS as its very first MANAGER,  an HR practitioner by profession , a U.P. Alumni whose passion is rendering Quality Service both for internal and external    customers.  To support  and strengthen our Pakisuyo Services last May 01, 2009 PAKISUYO opened another business entity named PAKISUYO TRAVEL  &  TOURS (PT&T) .  The travel arm of Pakisuyo Center is now being managed by WILI ROS CANTILLO ROFULE-URIBE &  SANDRA GUIA ADIQUE MAGAY-BRIAM,  young entreprenuerS who are both MARKETING GRADUATES.  With professionals who rooted from  HR  and business experience  - - - errands won't fall on inefficient hands. kaya naman .... Kung hindi na kaya, iPAKISUYO na! 

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